Carp on the Dry

Over the weekend I was able to get out for some carp on the Grand River in Cambridge one morning. As I approached the waters edge I saw something Ive never seen before, there was a group of at least 10 carp feeding off the surface. Their mouths were coming out of the water and sucking back spent caddis flies, there was a big hatch going on. Luckily I had some tan caddis of various sizes in one of my boxes that I had on me, normally I only carry carp flies, but this time my trout stuff was on hand. I tied one on using an advanced clinch, not my normal knot, but the fly was too small to fit through my normal surgeons loop that I use for carp fly fishing. This, along with the fact that the caddis fly was a size 12, had me very worried, but I cast it out to where they were feeding none the less. Within seconds one gulped down the fly and my line went tight. I followed up with a strip set to make sure i was hooked up and a 15 minute battle insued. I got the fish to hand and got some great pictures and video which you can see below.

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My apologies, I have been away from my desk at for quite some time.  My absence from this space did not stop me from wetting a line though.  Continuing where we left off, fall of 2013, I planned out two months worth of fishing trips with a good friend who mainly targets trout.  I booked off work one day per week from September through part of November on days that my friend was off so that we could check out all the major Great Lakes Tribs in search of salmonoids.  He, being quite experienced with these fish, was able to show me the ropes and get me up to speed with Ontario’s most sought after fish, Steel head.  I will break down this post into sections, each covering one trip.

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Fishing the pools

We had a really hot July this year with very little rain. The river level dropped drastically pushing the fish into the deeper pools and off the flats that I’ve been fly fishing. This year I have dedicated my fishing time to expanding my knowledge of fly fishing, specifically targeting carp. I have set aside my love for euro fishing, overnighters and all that bait and tackle to learn a simpler, more down to earth style of fishing which I’ve grown really fond of. The river life will be switching gears focusing more on fly fishing for all species, you can already see this on our Facebook Page which is updated a bit more frequently then this blog. Well, this July, its been hot, the fly action has died down as the fish were forced to deeper water, the flats dried up, weed growth exploded. I decided to take advantage of this and bring back the euro methods that did so well for me in previous years, I spent a week pre baiting one of my favorite pools with cooked maize and chicken feed, a gallon a day. The day before my planned trip, I decided to bring along a rod when i went to bait up for the last time. I brought my old shimano convergence 7′ jig rod with a baitrunner reel pre rigged and baited from my last fishing outing, months prior. The corn on the hook was dried and rock hard. I figured I would just chuck the rod in while I tossed in all the bait, and then head home, hoping for the possibility of hooking one fish while I did my final prep work for tomorrow. Good thing I brought that rod because I hooked into a really nice fish, easily 20 lb+.

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